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Welcome to Creative Wonders Therapy Center

Creative Wonders Therapy Center||||

Creative Wonders Therapy Center, formerly Wonderkids Therapy Center, is a therapy center in White Plains, NY. We offer a wide range of therapies to children including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We also provide  family training and counseling.

Helping Children Grow, Explore & Develop

Since 2005, we aim to create an atmosphere where we encourage children to grow, explore and develop positive self-esteem. Family members are always encouraged to participate in therapy sessions to make them active facilitators of their child's growth, and to ensure that interventions are integrated into the child's routine.

Our Philosophy 

As pediatric occupational therapists, we understand the challenges and demands of raising a child with developmental delays. We have a vision of a therapy clinic where children could thrive, feel secure and develop confidence in a safe environment with state of the art equipment. Our premise is based on the concept of inclusion, the crux of which involves the full integration of each child into the community as well as the academic school environment.

At Our Clinic We Strive to: 

  • Follow the Philosophy that All Children have the Right to develop to their Fullest Potential
  • Provide a Comprehensive Facility that Incorporates Consistent Team Meetings where All Therapists,
  • Clinicians and Parents will Collaborate to Facilitate Optimal Success for Each Child
  • Treat All People Inclusively with Respect, Dignity and as an Integral Part of the Team

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